What Kind of Farming for ex-City Dwellers … and Why?

Unless you’re young or grew up on a farm … or earned a degree in agriculture or something, they type of “farms” I’m urging African Americans to purchase are best called: “Hobby Farms” or “Truck Farms.”

For middle age folks and older, the prospect of buying over 1,000 acres of land, and actually FARMING them … well, it’s a bit un-daunting to say the least. Otherwise, owning something like three, five … ten … up to 40 acres is what I’m talking about.

1910 was the peak era for black land ownership. For African Americans to regain that same level of land ownership, black person must own a minimum of 1.37 acres of land for us to even get back what was lost … or depending on how you look at it… what we gave up.

Toiling all day every day in 100 degrees on over 100 acres of Georgia red clay wasn’t easy and I’m sure there were more than a few who were only too happy to sell the family farm. (Especially knowing that they weren’t paid the same earnings for what they produced as white farmers were.) In fact, if you look at programs like television programs like PBS’ “Homecoming,” you have to be wary of the propaganda they’re selling. Still, it too is a valuable story about the feelings that linger in the souls of many black Americans about “Home” … wherever that is.

I remember stories my mother told me about life on the farm and how during The Great Depression (..yeah … some of those stories did get old…) they never suffered like people in urban America or farm workers who were in dust bowl areas… because they had everything they needed. Fresh food, farm animals, cows for milk, plenty of fresh water that ran through their land … even horse and buggy if the gas ran out.

Even though most financial forecasters aren’t sounding the alarm bells of a new depression any time soon, there are plenty who are saying that the next ten years … and for sometime thereafter, we may be in for “Sinking Globalization” and “The Muddle Through Decades.”

I don’t know about you, but at age 53, I’ve learned from experience, that black people don’t do too well in recessions … especially a series of recessions! I was born near the end of the Baby Boom … and it seemed like every time I stood in line, and finally got my turn at bat, game was either over or called for rain.

I attest that in Capitalism 101, to have a top, you have to have a bottom.

I assert that the playing field is not fair and never will be fair when it comes to us … unless we can gain far more economic and moral power than we have today.

Owning land has always been one of the quickest routes to wealth. Americans seem to love to move … and now the bulk of who is moving …. is moving to either the left or the right coast. Both are already over crowded. [SEE: City – Data.com ]

THERE’S NO MORE ROOM LEFT … and still they’re moving in. More rats in the cage means lower earnings, lower quality of housing, more traffic jams. Just this morning I heard a radio story about a new computerized fast lane in Minnesota or someplace. As global funds decrease, you can bet State and local authorities are going to be squeezing us for as much as they can.

Isn’t it a far more logical decision to confront our fear of change, and do something different?? The definition of insanity is what? Yes i’ts …

“Doing the same thing over, and over again,
expecting different results.”

African American mental health isn’t all that good right now … and with increased stressors, there will be more crime in the hoods, and more self-medication for all the drama, and yes, more mental illness. It’s time to go!


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