50 Ways To Go Green

In planning my exodus from Urban America, it has become increasingly clear that Going Green and learning effective permaculture planning cannot be ignored.

 MSN.com has a story on 50 Ways To Go Green. Hope it gives you some ideas.


2 comments on “50 Ways To Go Green

  1. blactivegan says:

    i’ve seen a few of your post before -you have some very resourceful info here- and recently reviewed your comments on nite*vision’s post on james brown. i agree we need to make brother brown proud by following his lead and taking it to the next level. if we don’t “get involved” like j.b. said and did, we won’t have a earth left.

    when the time permits check on my post on j.b. and how we can carry on his legacy through “going green”. peace.

  2. journeyman says:

    Will do blactivegan.

    Thank you for your comment. I’ll check you out and get back to you. We all need to support each other’s thinking and efforts.

    Please excuse me for being somewhat slow getting back to you … someone stole my laptop so access has been … slower.

    I’m learning to understand that the wisdom of “God” is in all things.


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