Is It Racism or Economics?

  Interesting program on KQED the other night about white privilege.  The commentator was white and he was addressing a white audience.

“We love to talk racism because it makes us look like better people.  But many people of color don’t care what we think of them — they care about our money.  We can talk about racism all day and it won’t change things because it’s the distribution of wealth that is at the heart of discrimination, inequity, and the dehumanization of other human beings.”

That little “our money” part was a bit irritating because another white guy, Karl Marx pointed out that wealth is built on the backs of the working class. Now I’m no communist… but I know we ain’t been getting no where near a fair deal on the compensation for out labor.  Other than that, it was a powerful statement. (See: website) The decision to migrate back to the land is threefold:

  1. Urban America and its values are killing us as a people
  2. “Main Steam” will never be a fair playing field. We need to “come ye apart” and create groups rooms for healing, Black Think Tanks, land based wealth, and envirnments suitable to weather any future economic storm.
  3. We need to calm down to the point where we’re creating our own communities, (again), our own new myths instead of buying into “myths” that the Korporate Kulture keeps giving us (e.g. “Thug Kulture”, membership in the new “Permanent Criminal Class“, and the idea that we just can’t do no betta.)

I’m not downing Christianity in any way, but the idea of throwing up our arms and just saying … “Oh dis heah is da last days and der jus ain’t nothin we can do about it cus Jesus is comin” is bunk.  Republicans and Owning Class America is playing us (and most others) left, right, and center while they fill their pockets with our tax dollars.

The time is ripe to move to the country, buy some of that very inexpensive land (preferably with fresh water on it), raise some chickens, grow vegetables that you’ll know are fresh and healthy, do more than just survive–flourish!


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