Why, “Back To The Land”?


“I personally want a higher quality of life than I have been able to create as a city dweller. I don’t want a lot, but I want to walk out of my door without seeing that my car has been towed … and I’m tired of parking tickets. If feels like the various municipalities all have hoses hooked up to me and they’re slowly, parasitically draining me dry. When I talk with people who have children, many are concerned about where and how to raise them in these “interesting times.” For many people, it just makes common sense to do so in the most natural and healthy environments possible. Places where you can raise healthy food without worrying what has been sprayed on them or meat without wondering what they ate. These pages are designed to explore a few of the many alternative ways anyone can live without being either wage slaves, or institutional slaves…regardless if you want to acquire property in the country or continue to live in urban or suburban environments.”

What are “we” facing? Why should people look into buying some of the many cheap, small farms now available throughout the Midwest and South? Are there other ways to make a good living on the land without “just farming?” This blog discusses these along with other related questions.

“The Only Constant is Change”
Currently we all know about large segments of black and other “People of Color” being locked up. Yes, the laws are unfair, but far too many have fallen prey to their own choices and feel that their future is “locked in stone” as a result. I assert that current Urban Values are not “Black” values. African Americans as well as others thoughout the diaspora share intrinsic values that reach back to agricultural  ways of being with self and others.

There are subtle but huge but huge changes amongst black and disenfranchised urban value systems. Joe Marshal of “Street Soldiers” remarks that, “..even in good, two parent homes, the lure of the streets is often too strong to save a child.”

It is clear that the dynamics now in place throughout urban America will have to run their course before things change. Murder rates in many large cities have declined, but does that mean that being just one more rat amongst an already over-crowed cage of rats is the only option open to me?

Back To The Land
I assert that it’s best for blacks …and anyone else who has not created enough security in their careers and safety for their families and trusted friends…to find greener pastures by joining with Intentional Communities, Co-Housing
Communities or simply, become one of many who find remote places and buy their own land. We don’t have to waste time condemning what is naturally happening … we just have to find our own paths.

We’re living in a Bardo … at time of transition. What comes next will most likely be, “interesting times.” So, in “interesting times” it’s best to have someone to watch your back. Those who don’t believe in work certainly do … and they will certainly be watching who is buying new cars, and new computers, furniture … etc…

American psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote that we all must self-actualize. When I was young, I needed places and lifestyles filled with drama and over-stimuli to balance the internal turmoil I felt. I know desire a place to serve as a backdrop for … “putting it all together.” A sort of place to serve as a creative palette for ideas I’ve yet not found time to bring forth. There are many reasons let nature balance us out.. return us to baseline…quality of life, security should the greater economy turn unstable, or just a desire to learn a fuller sense of self-reliance by living as our forefathers did are just some of them.


“Without a vision, the people perish.”

“…They want you to self-destruct.”


“Texas Prison Camp Future American Gulag?”

One More Reason to MOVE and Take Control of Your Destiny.

Detention facility currently holds as many as 200 children and many more adult men and women incarcerated after midnight arrests. Is this the foreshadowing of America’s future work camps?

Reprinted Prison Planet story by Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Monday, January 8, 2007

The Prison Planet story discusses one of the many prisons already built in remote areas that are poised to become a system of penitentiaries that can only be described as American Gulags … or Work Prisons. The prison spoken of in the article is in Tyler, Texas currently holds hundreds of rebuffed asylum seekers who legally entered the country, half of which are children swept up in midnight raids, is a potential prime location for the enforced transfer of American citizens during a time of “national emergency.”

One of the first questions that come to mind is that due to the fact that these prisons were quietly built in remote areas—in relative secrecy—what talks will take place to decide what is and what isn’t a “national emergency?” Reportedly, many people who live in adjacently towns aren’t even aware that the prison even exist.

  • Currently, America’s Public Health System is already overwhelmed.
  • This country locks up over 2 million people each year and each year, over 600,000 circulate back to the streets where many teach dysfunctional lifestyles acquired in prison, to populations that may or may not ever go to prison. Parole
  • Officer Dan Belford recently reported that officers “felt embattled … at the point of being “over-run”Prison sentences have gotten longer. There are more “lifers” and an expensive ageing population.
  • The mental Health System has virtually collapsed and many of the mentally ill that should be going to hospitals or asylums are now routinely sent to prisons. Currently there are many people on SSI who lie around the hood doing nothing but occasional, mild mannered mischief. Often worse. The Feds look upon them as people who don’t contribute to the public coffers, and drain public funds. When the series of upcoming recessions occur, how will many of these people be viewed?
  • What are the going to do with the millions of addicted life-time self-professed criminals they can no longer house nor supervise?
  • The gap between the rich and poor is only going to increase … and what is going to keep all those “poor people” out of your cars, houses, and apartments when you’re not looking? Nothing.

Question: Do you think for one second that white America is going to sit quietly by and let anarchy back them up against a wall … the rulers of New Rome?

Entertaining this question is just one more reason I advocate moving to LAND (with your name on the deed) along with like-minded friends and relatives to help you watch your back. The writers of the article cite ways this moving people from over crowded prisons and from towns and cities will legally occur:

“A much discussed and circulated report, the Pentagon’s Civilian Inmate Labor Program, has recently been updated and the revision details a “template for developing agreements” between the Army and corrections facilities for the use of civilian inmate labor on Army installations.”

Click here for the total story.

If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it, but..


I strongly believe that Urban America has become a terminal disease that is killing black folks. Should the 2007 reader still need more “facts” and statics to support this claim, please drive through your nearest “hood” –day or night– and refresh yourself with the sights, sounds and smells of black, urban death and decay. Issues not seen by the naked eye but still strongly felt are:

  • Despite all the killings, AIDS is now the Number One cause of death for black men 25 and under. (And no, they are not catching nor transmitting the virus by themselves… our black women and mothers  are dying at an alarming rate for the simple crime of wanting love and not insisting that the character-less infected “brotha” not wear a rubber)
  • The Public Health System is now officially overloaded. They don’t have enough money nor grant services to provide individuals with known cures they already have.
  • Even Black Theology (black churches) are out-dated… still preaching that same old Santa Claus version of God, that didn’t keep pace with the Space Age we entered 30 years ago … let along this alienated, technocratic, New Millennium.” And worst still, is the fact that they are STILL preaching that we need to beat our children … and produce still more violent children emotionally equipped for 18th Century survival and not 21st Century success.

High Tech Guru “Art” a.k.a. “Frank Pembleton” wrote:

“I’ve always said that Black people are a rural people, and that we weren’t meant to live surrounded by concrete.  This whole western urban environment is partly responsible for our jacked up mental, emotional, and physical condition.  Half of what we call “Blackness” or Black culture is southern culture anyway.  Black people are in denial about our southern roots, because for too long we have associated the south only with terrorism and pain.  The white man has tricked us out of our birthright.  We didn’t just escape from the south, we were also driven from our true homes, not in the absolute sense, for the south isn’t a specific place, but rather, rural living, amongst nature, with trees, grass, vegetables, and flowers, is where we should really be.  Folks don’t even understand.  This urban environment is partly responsible for the insanity around hypermasculinity.  The whole construction of Black male identity as being only about “hardness” or toughness is directly tied to this urban nightmare we’re trapped in.”

People all over the nation… as well as worldwide… are now feeling the desire to move into either more collaborative living that involves small farming, permaculure and other green living, or simply getting out of the way and  moving back to the land.

Land provides self determination. I remember my parents telling us how people who lived on farms like theirs back in Mississippi, were immune to the horrors of The Depression. When you own your own cow:

  • You have plenty of fresh milk, fresh cheese, cream, and other dairy products to use or sell. [NOTE: While most African and Asian people are lactose intolerant, we still need Vitamin D. Cancer has been linked to a lack of Vitamin D. Our darker skin demands we get over an hour a day in the sun or take Vitamin D supplements.]

When you own your own chickens:

  • You don’t have to wonder what you’ll eat for breakfast.
  • You can sell the additional eggs at Farmer’s Markets or other sources. 
  • You have a meat source that replenishes itself.

When you grow your own vegetables:

  • You don’t have to wonder what type of pesticides are on your tomatoes
  • You can link with other organic seed growers and remove bio-engineered crops from your diet as well as remove your wallet from large agri-corporations that currently have larger farmers under their thumbs by hooking them to seeds that are good only for one year.

~You don’t have to beg or steal
~ You are healthy
~You have dignity
~You are happy
~You don’t see the insides of a Kaiser Stress Clinic
~The only boss you have is the bank … and God

This isn’t a lifestyle change for everyone. Yes you can easily find 5-10 acres of land with a 3-4 bedroom house on it for under $150,000 (and MANY times under $100,000) in rural communities throughout the South and Midwest, but you have to have ways of making money BEFORE you buy. This will work best if ideally:

  • You have done your research and have started educating yourself on some of the MANY ways to make a good living in rural America
  • You have researched the areas where your grandparents or great-grandparents lived, researched inexpensive land/farm/rural living choices near Black Universities and/or outside of larger cities
  • Decided you want to live out your life peacefully and provide safe, enriching housing to raise healthy children
  • And decided that you either want to be self-employed or live and work with other like-minded people who will collaborate with you as you follow your other, primary or secondary dreams like being an artist or writer. You may also have a valuable trade that you can take almost anywhere like teaching (rural communities always have trouble finding enough qualified teachers) or you’re involved with medicine, Bio-tech or high tech endeavors that you can do anywhere you can link with DSL, Cable, or Satellite.

 Urban life ain’t getting no better, and unless you’re very skillful in a LEGAL career field currently in high deman in your area, it most likely won’t provide you with anymore opportunities than it has in the past.

All For Only $80,000

Kathy got herself free this month when she sold her small California home in an area that had simply became “too crowded” and moved to the Midwest where she purchased one property simular to this one but with:

  • One big house

  • One smaller home

  • A 2-car detached garage

  • Storage sheds

  • And a big “picturesque” barn on 10 acres with rolling hills and lots of trees

All for only $80.00! (Kansas)

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