Why, “Back To The Land”?


“I personally want a higher quality of life than I have been able to create as a city dweller. I don’t want a lot, but I want to walk out of my door without seeing that my car has been towed … and I’m tired of parking tickets. If feels like the various municipalities all have hoses hooked up to me and they’re slowly, parasitically draining me dry. When I talk with people who have children, many are concerned about where and how to raise them in these “interesting times.” For many people, it just makes common sense to do so in the most natural and healthy environments possible. Places where you can raise healthy food without worrying what has been sprayed on them or meat without wondering what they ate. These pages are designed to explore a few of the many alternative ways anyone can live without being either wage slaves, or institutional slaves…regardless if you want to acquire property in the country or continue to live in urban or suburban environments.”

What are “we” facing? Why should people look into buying some of the many cheap, small farms now available throughout the Midwest and South? Are there other ways to make a good living on the land without “just farming?” This blog discusses these along with other related questions.

“The Only Constant is Change”
Currently we all know about large segments of black and other “People of Color” being locked up. Yes, the laws are unfair, but far too many have fallen prey to their own choices and feel that their future is “locked in stone” as a result. I assert that current Urban Values are not “Black” values. African Americans as well as others thoughout the diaspora share intrinsic values that reach back to agricultural  ways of being with self and others.

There are subtle but huge but huge changes amongst black and disenfranchised urban value systems. Joe Marshal of “Street Soldiers” remarks that, “..even in good, two parent homes, the lure of the streets is often too strong to save a child.”

It is clear that the dynamics now in place throughout urban America will have to run their course before things change. Murder rates in many large cities have declined, but does that mean that being just one more rat amongst an already over-crowed cage of rats is the only option open to me?

Back To The Land
I assert that it’s best for blacks …and anyone else who has not created enough security in their careers and safety for their families and trusted friends…to find greener pastures by joining with Intentional Communities, Co-Housing
Communities or simply, become one of many who find remote places and buy their own land. We don’t have to waste time condemning what is naturally happening … we just have to find our own paths.

We’re living in a Bardo … at time of transition. What comes next will most likely be, “interesting times.” So, in “interesting times” it’s best to have someone to watch your back. Those who don’t believe in work certainly do … and they will certainly be watching who is buying new cars, and new computers, furniture … etc…

American psychologist Abraham Maslow wrote that we all must self-actualize. When I was young, I needed places and lifestyles filled with drama and over-stimuli to balance the internal turmoil I felt. I know desire a place to serve as a backdrop for … “putting it all together.” A sort of place to serve as a creative palette for ideas I’ve yet not found time to bring forth. There are many reasons let nature balance us out.. return us to baseline…quality of life, security should the greater economy turn unstable, or just a desire to learn a fuller sense of self-reliance by living as our forefathers did are just some of them.


“Without a vision, the people perish.”

“…They want you to self-destruct.”


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