Racism or Engineering Your Life?

Recently I’ve been receiving comments about racism. This blog really isn’t about racism. It’s about walking away from the addictive pull of contiual reaction to racism. I say “addiction” because anything that traumatizes the psyches of MOST human beings, the mind repeats looking for resolution.

I write at a black audience right now because:

  • I am black
  • Black people as a culture are on fire
  • White, Asian, and Mexican/Hispanic youth who feel disenfranchised look to what has become a bastardization of blackness to take their cues on “reacting” to feeling outside of mainstream or dis-empowered.

Are they making horrible choices? Yes! Do you have to? No.

Rather than continuing to be silly by looking at “Da White Man” and pointing fingers to justify our lives and our bad behavior, at the ripe old age of 53, I’ve concluded that it’s a FAR better choice to simply engineer a good life for myself. That means:

  1. It doesn’t matter how much anyone else has … the issue is–
  2. What do YOU bring to the table?
  3. Taking stock (and responsibility) for everything that has happened in my life. Discarding the crazy-making people I’ve allowed to enter it, and owning everything else. Only through such a process can I get on the other side of “being a victim” and move into being a mature “full grown man.”

I yearn for the day we stop reacting to “racism.” It’s become a such a cop-out. YES, racism is alive and well … but if I find myself in a field that I cannot win in … WHY keep failing around, crying about how unfair it all is, instead of picking up my ball and building a field wherein I can win? We don’t have to be against anybody. In fact, the object is to increasingly love as many people as you can… because when you can’t love yourself… that’s when you find yourself hating others (projecting your self hate outwards) and being jealous of what others have. Thank God no one is giving me nothing. I was born with a keen mind … keen enough to see opportunity instead of self destruction when it is ripe. Get some land my brothers and sisters. If you can’t afford to in the city, move out of it and build up your cheap little home, and with the equity you build, you can later buy a dream place anywhere on the planet.

Luke 6:42 “Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out that is in your own eye, then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye.” (The Beatitudes)

(By that time… after removing drugs, alcohol, helplessness, criminality, and sex as a mood altering, demoralizing experience, whatever is in his eye probably won’t matter.)


Supporting Small Agriculture & The Beginning Farmer

Okay …. so the posts have been slower of late. It’s amazing how fast change can start coming at you once you make a decision.

One of those decisions will be to move this and “Black Solutions” onto a paid site of another name. (The link will be posted here.) Until then, may I offer you this information on making the dream of owning a small “hobby farm” one step closer?

So far we’ve talked about the availability of small … very inexpensive farms in the Midwest and southern states. I’m talking about as low as $40,000 in some cases. True … many such “deals” are located in a “no man’s land” for people of color (e.g. the Ozarks Mountains…) but that still leaves tons of leads in a variety of states for those who want to pursue their dreams.

We’ve also touched on some of the reasons for blacks to move out of Urban America … especially if they have children. Reasons like increasing wealth through land ownership, along with the fact that Thug Amerika is most likely going to get worst before things get better … and you DO want to keep that CD player in your car, don’t you?

So now, thanks to a kind soul who left a comment, here is a very valuable link for anyone dreaming of escaping Urban Madness for rural life:

Farming & Business Skills Assessment Sheet

Exploring the Small Farm Dream from the New England Small Farm Institute

Small Farm Library & Online Catalogue along with a host of other information

Alternative Housing Reaps Big Reward$$

There are so many ways of moving back to the land. For young, middle age, or even retirees, alternative building is certainly a valuable choice to look into. For instance, say a person is tried of life in the inner city, yearns for the freedom of country life, but feels insecure about posting a down payment on a small farm. (I don’t know why such a person would … there are so MANY affordable places to chose from and so many finance options that almost anyone could … but let’s hypothetically look at it from this perspective.)

I personally dream of buying an older, small home with detached garage, outbuildings that once served as workshops or storage buildings, and of course, an old barn with old treasures still remaining inside to be used as restored art treasures.

But there are several other ideas floating around my head that involve generating income as well as community. But how would I keep my cost down and build other cottages?

www.naturalvillages.org/ provides answers. One of the Cob Houses posted on the site was built for almost nothing but salvaged materials, that include mud and straw, and rocks. After all the work was done (in less than 2 months time), it was appraised for over a quarter of a million dollars.

“Our little cob is one item away from a certificate of occupancy and has been appraised twice by major banks: one for $250,000.00 and one for $275,000.00. Not bad for 6l0 sq. ft. of mud.” (View pics.)

You dont have to move alone.
I love the idea, but in this time of alienation, there is a huge value in joining in communal living. www.ic.org is a site chocked full of Intentional Communities located in every corner of the world.