Supporting Small Agriculture & The Beginning Farmer

Okay …. so the posts have been slower of late. It’s amazing how fast change can start coming at you once you make a decision.

One of those decisions will be to move this and “Black Solutions” onto a paid site of another name. (The link will be posted here.) Until then, may I offer you this information on making the dream of owning a small “hobby farm” one step closer?

So far we’ve talked about the availability of small … very inexpensive farms in the Midwest and southern states. I’m talking about as low as $40,000 in some cases. True … many such “deals” are located in a “no man’s land” for people of color (e.g. the Ozarks Mountains…) but that still leaves tons of leads in a variety of states for those who want to pursue their dreams.

We’ve also touched on some of the reasons for blacks to move out of Urban America … especially if they have children. Reasons like increasing wealth through land ownership, along with the fact that Thug Amerika is most likely going to get worst before things get better … and you DO want to keep that CD player in your car, don’t you?

So now, thanks to a kind soul who left a comment, here is a very valuable link for anyone dreaming of escaping Urban Madness for rural life:

Farming & Business Skills Assessment Sheet

Exploring the Small Farm Dream from the New England Small Farm Institute

Small Farm Library & Online Catalogue along with a host of other information


2 comments on “Supporting Small Agriculture & The Beginning Farmer

  1. Dr. Amah says:

    Are there any grants for people who want to operate small farms, especially non-profits? Land grants for example. Anyone heard of any?

  2. Jelevia says:

    I am so refreshed by your postings. I’ve been really bummed by this evil economy.I have a plan but you have helped me reconnect it w/my dream of being rural, starting an intentional black community, etc. I live in wine country. The land is not affordable. Tho I don’t want to leave CA(family in Oakland),you’ve given me a positive reality check about leaving. I look forward to hearing more about yr move.

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