Green Movement Can Help Blacks

I rode the 38 Geary out to the San Francisco Ft. Miley Veteran’s Hospital this morning. A group of pre-teens were headed to school. Several of the boys were black … the scene they put on wasn’t nothing nice.

 I always write that if it ain’t broke ~ don’t fix it. We all know this buggy ain’t just broke, the wheels done come off and the bottom done dropped out. Time to re-boot the system and get back to baseline. That’s why I always assert that getting out of Urban America and rejecting its values are key to our survival, our healing, and our future economic growth.

Land has always been the major path to wealth in this country. The fact that so few blacks currently own land is a corner stone to our problem. Forget racism. Forget what the white man done done or might do. Look at what we’re currently doing to ourselves….

  • Our rate of divorce far exceeds our rate of marriage.
  • The Civil Rights Movement was won on moral grounds … and that’s exactly where we’re losing it.
  • HIV/AIDS continues to be the Number One killer of black men 16 – 25 and the senior citizens are now following suit. That looks like deep despair around love to me. When so many are desperately jumping for lust instead having the faith and character to create love … well folks … don’t look good. You cannot point a finger in any direction of the African American Community and not see, hear, or feel pain … yet we want to keep doing the same things and believing in the same fantasies?

First black men were demoralized, then black youth. Next they got to women and now they’ve hit mothers. Ain’t nothing left. Grandmothers are struggling to raise their children’s children. We make up the vast majority of Foster Children numbers even in places where we are a fraction of the population. Are many of these systemic problems? Yes. But that has little or nothing to do with our responsibility to grow through them.

“Every problem is an opportunity in work clothes.” ~Henry J. Kaiser (I love that one…)

This is why the Green Movement holds out great promise to blacks. At present, whites and others have been holding down the fort at Ecology Centers all across America. Middle class despair and “Liberal” blindness abounds. But give them credit … they have and are doing their work and they are holding out the door for us. That means there is already tons of information available on Permaculture (a system of planting, housing, and living the incorporates everything in a  person’s environment.

The Green Movement touches every aspect of a person’s life and in the future, this will be of even greater importance. Global warming and the very, very real threat of a future WORLD economic “downturn” means that those who live on land with a watershed beneath it will feel no pain and in fact be in a great economic position.  [NOTE: It’s forecasted that the shortage of fresh water alone will cause a world crisis by as soon as 2015. Read Guardian Report ]

 Canadians fear Avian Flu could help ignite economic crisis. I don’t know about you, but when white people keep warning each other about something, after a while, it’s time to look up.

The list of reasons why it makes sense for us to move out of urban America, create some sweat equity, rebuild our family structure, and prepare of any one of the many future threats that loom is large.  Just the fact that it’s black men’s  responsibility to create families AND make them safe should ignite some desire to look into moving onto 5 or more acres in rural America. You don’t even have to farm it!

  1. You can lease some or all of it out to others who want to farm (and there will most certainly be many)
  2. You can put some cabins or trailers on it and become a “Home Developer.”
  3. You can adopt some of those many black children currently in Foster Care and orphanages and discover the spiritual truth that it really isn’t all about you … but more, it’s about what do you bring to the table!

Here … just glance at some of the post I quickly pulled up about a LIKELY, world economic disaster:

 Australia on: “The Future Collapse Of The World’s Economy”

Mainstream, respected European economist Stefan Karlsson on: The Future of The World Economy” (read the last two paragraphs)

 The World Conservative Union on Why It’s Not Business As Usual … or bust: (Meaning OPPORTUNITY FOR US!!

And last, here’s a “funny” one that raises your eyebrows:


One comment on “Green Movement Can Help Blacks

  1. Brian Clay says:

    My name is Brian Clay. I have worked in Government Relations and Public Policy my entire professional career. I graduated from LeMoyne- Owen College in Memphis, TN, with a B.A. in Political Science in 1992. I have also attended Miles Law School in Birmingham, AL , where I pursued a J.D. . I have specialized in Health Care Legislation, Minority Affairs Issues, and Economic Education initiatives throughout my career.

    I have had a history of working with Community Development Corporations, neighborhood groups, local decision makers and Memphis City Officials, which has enabled me to be an effective vehicle in accomplishing goals.

    Because I am a small firm, I am able to obtain critical information accurately, build strategic partnerships for desired results, and provide around the clock service to clients.

    If I can be any service to your firm our organization, please let me know.

    I have attached my resume’ to give you a overview of my qualifications.

    Brian Clay
    2113 Worchester Lane
    Memphis, TN 38134

    To be a part of an organization, that is dedicated to social, economic, and cultural based enhancement for persons who desire a change in their personal outcomes.

    (Anticipated Graduation 2009)
    Jurist Doctorate Degree
    2004-2008 Miles Law School, Birmingham, AL
    -First Year Student Bar Representative
    -Miles Law School Student Bar Executive Committee
    -Founder, the Advocate (School Paper)
    -Miles Law Review 2005
    -Founder and Director -Miles Law School/ St. Mary’s Catholic School Reading Program

    1987-1992 LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis, TN
    B.A. Political Science
    -Class of 92’ Hall of Fame
    -NAACP President
    -Div II. Track and Field All-American
    -Student Government Association
    -Aetna Casualty and Life Scholarship Recipient
    -Moses/Walker Scholarship Recipient
    -Hollis F. Price Black History Winner
    -Editor, the Magician (School Paper)
    -LeMoyne-Owen Jazz Band

    Summary of Qualifications

    Kaleidoscope Educational Management, Inc. 2003-2004
    Position: CEO and Founder
    -Created and designed a for profit company dedicated to Charter School creation,
    Juvenile Probation, and Truancy Management Developed contracts with Memphis/
    Shelby County Juvenile Court and Memphis Shelby County District Attorney’s Office
    -Considered one of the “Most Innovative Start-Up’s “by the Memphis Chamber of
    Commerce (2003), Successfully re-enrolled students into schools who were tagged as “
    Habitual Truants”

    Carver Family Resource Center, Memphis, TN 1998-2003
    Position: Director
    -Developed the first ‘Economic Development” model for Family Resource Centers
    -Developed the New World Parenting Academy for un-wed teen mothers
    -Developed and headed job placement / training program for residents of the South
    Memphis Community
    -Developed Job Placement and Training model for persons living in the South Memphis
    -Delivered Keynote Speech at the FAMILY RESOURCE OF AMERICA, ECONOMIC
    DEVELOPED CONF. In Hartford, Conn. June 2002
    -Founded, the South Memphis Christmas Basket Give-A-Way at Carver High School
    -Developed monthly Newsletter for Family Resource America

    Memphis Urban League, Memphis, TN 1997-1998
    Position: Education Coordinator
    -Developed and designed the Achievement Matters Symposium at the University of
    Memphis in 1998
    -Recruited students and schools from ‘At Risk’ areas to participate in the program.
    -Served as Masters of Ceremonies for the Symposium at the University of Memphis.
    -Successfully lobbied Congressman Harold Ford Jr. to deliver keynote address for the
    -Designed the academic curriculum for the program.

    Memphis Health Center, Memphis, TN 1994-1997
    Position: Health Educator
    -Developed, founded, and directed the Junior Health Careers Opportunity Program,
    funded by the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services.
    -Designed the curriculum and the clinical rotations for students participating in the
    -Recruited 25 students from the inner city of Memphis and rural Shelby County (TN), to
    participate in the program.
    -Developed and founded the ‘Rites of Spring Health Fair” at LeMoyne-Owen College.
    -Managed a budget of $90,000.00 concurrently over three fiscal years
    -Developed, founded, and headed the Memphis Health Center, Inc. Government
    Relations Department.
    -Hosted Various Town Hall Meetings for constituents and patients of the Memphis
    Health Center, Inc. (Former Congressman Harold Ford, Sr., Former Congressman
    Harold Ford, Jr., Congresswoman Maxine Waters (Ca), TN State Representative John
    -Exhibit Coordinator, 1996 Southeast Health Care Symposium
    -Served as Spokesperson for the Memphis Health Center, Inc on Legislative Issues to
    local Media

    LeMoyne-Owen College, Memphis, TN 1992-1993
    Position: Recruiter
    – Develop recruiting strategy for the New Orleans and Houston Catholic Schools
    – Recruited students that were in the top 5% of their graduating class
    – Maintained 90% retention rate among recruited students
    – Represented LOC at UNCF Conf.

    Professional memberships
    -Delta Theta Phi Law Fraternity
    -100 Black Men of Memphis
    -National Bar Association–Student Membership
    -Alabama Lawyers Association-Student Membership

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