Lawyer’s Website Helps Blacks With Ideas

Came across this site dated 2005. I haven’t researched it much (give a hollar if you find out more info on it) but the website states that it helps black entrepreneurs start businesses. Patent and trademark attorney Darcell Walker post information about the processes for protecting ideas, using patents, copyrights, trademarks along with trade secrets issues.

Check the brother out and see if he has any information you can use. One thing I agree strongly with is his assertion that ingenuity and creativity abound within the hearts and minds of African Americans. I’ve posted a new article on the window we are currently looking at concerning monetary incentives for new farmers that the Department of Agriculture has recently initiated. [SEE: Black Solutions ]

Baby Boomers are getting old. The age of the average black farmer is 60. Only 1% of the American population even farms. I don’t know what that sounds like to you, but to me that sounds like a “window of opportunity” for a whole lot of quick thinking brothers and sisters to climb into. Check out the link$.


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