The Perfect Small Farm Cow … Dexters

The concept of moving to the contry after a lifetime spent in urban America is daunting, but part of the fun is dreaming about what types of farm animals I’ll raise. So far I’m certain about the two breeds of dogs … and I know there will be both chickens and Guinea Hens, but I’m still undecided about, “Goat or Sheep?”

But last week I read an article on Dexter Cows. Not those big, intimidating things that “guard” countryside fence lines and stare back at me with unblinking eyes … not them. I’m talking about Little Cows. Not pygmy cows or miniture cows … a real breed of bovine … that’s naturally small. Cool.

I don’t have a family so a “normal” size dairy cow would have me making cheese, ice cream, and butter on a 24/7 hour basis. But Dexters give smaller amounts of milk and every web site I’ve looked at swore they are “gentle.” Have a look:Dexter Cows


Want “Power”?

Okay, so the value system of this country is the 7 Deadly Sins, right? (Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger, Greed, Sloth). “Yeah … America is Number 1” and all that self-centered, power hungry crap.

So seeing how demonic those paths are … why do we need, “Power” and … what kind of power do we need in our current time?

Jung said that, “The need for power is the need for love.” I’ve always wondered why so many people run around trying to be “powerful” … or trying to be “Alpha Males” or Alpha Females” … appearing “powerful” … when all they’re really seeking is love. So why not go straight at it?  Be honest about it …

The theologian Mathew Fox wrote: “Sin is misplaced love.” All the weird and strange things that people do throughout each day … seeking attention … and missing what the really need and deeply desire.

Sin also distances us from God. That’s also the description of Hell … “distance from God.”

So yes, we live in a highly dysfunctional world, filled with addictions that open up portals for demons to enter and run our lives into ditches. And yes, in this “postmodern, alienated, technocratic world,” our existential dilemma creates terror and its coexisting trait of anger (fear) … and all the while, all we need to do  is step out of pride, humble ourselves to God’s will, and begin the process of being Gateways of God’s mature love to the world … and all our problems will be solved.

Made it! I got my CLASS A DRIVER’S LICENSE!!! FOR FREE!!!!!

Fred GuidryI made it. At 53, I’ve created yet another new career … and I never thought I’d even want this one … but I did …. and now I have it. Yes, there is power in dreaming ….Conceptualizing what your FIRST DREAM currently is, then figuring out how you can make it really materialize in your life.

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has some of the best weather in the world. The scenery–even though not as picturesqest as it was when I was growing up, is still world class. But not matter what or how many college degrees I obtained, I’ve never been able to break even here. So why sweat it complaining? Better to find a way and a place to do more than just survive … before I die, I want to flourish!

Quality of life. There are just as much drug use in rural America as it is in urban America. But with affordable land (found in Midwest and Southern States), homes, barns and outbuildings, I can carve out space and time to do the type of projects that nourish my life. I can decide rather than be forced to adapt to the decisions of others.

So, graduating from this FREE truck driving school, I can walk into a lifestyle that allows me to keep my balls, and live anywhere I want. There is simply so much to do to do now. It’s only been two working days since I’ve graduated, and I’ve already turned down about five jobs, and I am interviewing a company that might meet my needs.

“The only constant is change.” Change happens regardless wither we want it or not. It’s only when we resist that change drags us along kicking and screaming (often painfully) to the inevitable.

Goodwill’s Bayview Truck Driving Academy may be the ONLY FREE truck driving school in the United States. Men and women of all ages, races and personal histories are graduating each year. Yet, when I tell others – people on the street who obviously need it – they do nothing. Sad. Oh well …. more for those of us who work towards faith in creating God’s full bounty so available to us … when we choose.