Made it! I got my CLASS A DRIVER’S LICENSE!!! FOR FREE!!!!!

Fred GuidryI made it. At 53, I’ve created yet another new career … and I never thought I’d even want this one … but I did …. and now I have it. Yes, there is power in dreaming ….Conceptualizing what your FIRST DREAM currently is, then figuring out how you can make it really materialize in your life.

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. It has some of the best weather in the world. The scenery–even though not as picturesqest as it was when I was growing up, is still world class. But not matter what or how many college degrees I obtained, I’ve never been able to break even here. So why sweat it complaining? Better to find a way and a place to do more than just survive … before I die, I want to flourish!

Quality of life. There are just as much drug use in rural America as it is in urban America. But with affordable land (found in Midwest and Southern States), homes, barns and outbuildings, I can carve out space and time to do the type of projects that nourish my life. I can decide rather than be forced to adapt to the decisions of others.

So, graduating from this FREE truck driving school, I can walk into a lifestyle that allows me to keep my balls, and live anywhere I want. There is simply so much to do to do now. It’s only been two working days since I’ve graduated, and I’ve already turned down about five jobs, and I am interviewing a company that might meet my needs.

“The only constant is change.” Change happens regardless wither we want it or not. It’s only when we resist that change drags us along kicking and screaming (often painfully) to the inevitable.

Goodwill’s Bayview Truck Driving Academy may be the ONLY FREE truck driving school in the United States. Men and women of all ages, races and personal histories are graduating each year. Yet, when I tell others – people on the street who obviously need it – they do nothing. Sad. Oh well …. more for those of us who work towards faith in creating God’s full bounty so available to us … when we choose.


12 comments on “Made it! I got my CLASS A DRIVER’S LICENSE!!! FOR FREE!!!!!



  2. journeyman says:

    Goodwill Industries in both San Francisco, California and Texas (you’ll have to Google where) offer a FREE truck driving course. Unemployment, burn-out and our current Depression … not “Recession” speaks to the fact that you have nothing to lose. Out there on the road you see different ways of making a living. You talk to people who tell you about creating businesses you’d never even think of. “Without a vision my people soon perish…” Go and see. Plus, they pay you for traveling!

  3. Lucy says:

    Hi im an ex- felon and my only option for any knd of living is to get my class A how can I make that happen?

  4. journeyman says:

    Lucy… as an ex-felon, Trucking is an option… but it’s far from being your ONLY option. There is a lot of opportunity in small, organic, urban, and rural “farming” right now. A little horticulture certificate could bring you huge paybacks if you have a vision. (SEE: )

    Another great idea is getting a wholesale license and creating your own business buying and selling. While out there on the road, I encountered a young man who started distributing Hi-Teck Dog Food to stores. He got so big he had to sell his pickup and get a 350 van, then he moved up to large box truck, and finally, he had to get a Class A and an 18 wheeler just to deliver the goods he delivered to stores.

    Depending on where you live, there’s an increasing set of opportunities in providing goods and services to the rich. That’s why raising good food and selling at a Farmer’s Market is good these days.

    Have you ever thought about photography? Just getting a good digital camera and a good portable camera and taking photos at night clubs is a good hustle. (“My people perish for the lack of vision…”)

    I say it’s time to get all the old …. ego-based ideas of a “good job” out of our heads and start thinking about creating a business, and owning a piece of land. This is why people who have networking skills and social skills will do well in trying times. (So will hustlers who decide to stay legal and buy and sell legal will do better over time.)

    Being an ex-felon puts you in line for Vocational Rehab funding to return to school. Face all fears. “Every problem is really an opportunity” … don’t stop at the problem… look three steps PAST the problem, and you get paid.

  5. nikkie venzant says:

    I am interstead in getting my class a license

  6. Patrick says:

    Who do I contact to start the process for Goodwills Bayview Trucking Academy ? I want a class A license. I need help, please.

  7. michael says:

    i live in bakersfield was looking for work just lost my job of 9 years on a drilling rig

    • journeyman says:

      I learned so much while driving that truck for two years over the road.
      You see so many people creating businesses and making good (LEGAL) livings for themselves out there. To hell with standing in the unemployment line.
      Goodwill has a school up in S.F. and I think another somewhere in Texas
      Many truck companies will teach you if you agree to work for them for at least six months
      One of the BEST ways to learn to drive a truck is through a local Community College or trade school. Get on of those one-semester certificates and truck companies drool over you… snap those grads up in a quick minute.

      But trucking ain’t the only way.
      And like I said, there’s many types of trucking. There’s a lot of women out there driving now because those trucks are finely engineered and it’s more of a skill than a muscle job now. That said, there’s still trucking that requires muscle if you want a challenge.

      Once out there on the road, you’ll meet a lot of different types of people at truck stops and fuel lines. Be curious and friendly. Ask questions. You don’t have to drive a truck forever. There’s an whole underground (legal) economy in this country that involves agriculture, being a vendor for Big Box stores, and delivering your own wholesale goods.

      Google is at your fingertips.

  8. isac says:

    Im 21 and been looking to get my class a, but can not afford it, i work and make 8:70 $ an hour at a grocery store and been trying to make abetter life for my family. If u can email me some me some more hope i will glady preciate it:) thanks

  9. journeyman says:

    I thought it was pretty clear. “Seek and ye shall find” young friend.
    First of all, I want to congratulate you on your desire to work. Here’s some info. Search out some more … because there may be more opportunities in your area.

    1. There are a lot of trucking companies who will train you … but you’ll have to drive for them for about a year. If you quit or get fired before then, you’ll owe the company for the price of their training.

    2. I think the BEST way is to go through one of the full semester courses offered at local Jr. Colleges or trade schools. Cheaper, longer, more in-depth, and truck companies LOVE people who graduate from them. Due to your young age (under 25), you may really like to look into one of them.

    3. You didn’t mention where you live. Opportunities vary. The EDD (Employment Development Department) in your area may have some programs that send you to a truck driving school.

    4. Check out non-profits and see if any of them are offering any opportunities to send you to training.

    5. If you live in the South or someplace like a Northern lumbering area, look into some logging companies. Some will train you on the side. But if you want to be a “real truck driver,” at some point you’ll want to learn from a qualified interstate truck company who’ll train you to stay out of accidents. That’s what your job really is… how to stay out of accidents.

    Good luck. These are just a few suggestions. More are out there.

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