The Perfect Small Farm Cow … Dexters

The concept of moving to the contry after a lifetime spent in urban America is daunting, but part of the fun is dreaming about what types of farm animals I’ll raise. So far I’m certain about the two breeds of dogs … and I know there will be both chickens and Guinea Hens, but I’m still undecided about, “Goat or Sheep?”

But last week I read an article on Dexter Cows. Not those big, intimidating things that “guard” countryside fence lines and stare back at me with unblinking eyes … not them. I’m talking about Little Cows. Not pygmy cows or miniture cows … a real breed of bovine … that’s naturally small. Cool.

I don’t have a family so a “normal” size dairy cow would have me making cheese, ice cream, and butter on a 24/7 hour basis. But Dexters give smaller amounts of milk and every web site I’ve looked at swore they are “gentle.” Have a look:Dexter Cows


3 comments on “The Perfect Small Farm Cow … Dexters

  1. Wil says:

    Goats worked well for us, they eat less feed than cows. they are also useful for eating scrubs and clearing out areas overgrown with blackberries, etc.. Goat curry is good eating.

    My suggestion of the day: There is a trend in Canada for people to move to Manitoba and Saskatchewan – very, very inexpensive farms in those areas.

  2. Anna Maire says:

    I’ve actually had everything you’ve mentioned there. Looking at the date, I’m not sure if you’re interested, but I’ll tell you a little of what I know.

    I loved my Dexters, we had small herd of three mothers and their calves. They are very gentle, very smart, beautiful, and intelligent. I milked one of our cows for a year, and she gave us about a gallon a day- enough to share with the neighbors.

    As for goats vs. sheep, the main difference for me is the wool. If you have black berries, the sheep can get stuck, and don’t forget you’ll have to shear them every year. Both give similar amounts of milk, but the sheep tended to have smaller teats, making it more difficult to milk them (by hand, at least.)

    And guineas are loud! But lots of fun, too.

  3. barbara says:

    i agree on the guineas they are loud but you wont have a cyote problem and they are very entertaining i have a pair of them no idea if they are boys or girls yet though

    how much does a dexter go for these days does any one know i have milk goats but id like to add a cow to the lineup for the butter, cream and it makes for friendly neibours ha ah ha
    note: i would even happilly start with a bottle baby if any one ends up with one that has to be bottle fed my goats have adopted a calf before

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