Urban Gardening

“Patricia Moreno, the Garden Girl, was born in raised in New York City. She grew up in Spanish Harlem on Manhattan and was educated at Nightingale-Bamford School for girls. Her path to Urban Sustainable Living began in the mid 1990’s, after gaining seventy pounds during her pregnancy, and needing a way to be physically active and eat healthier. This began her path to finding and learning ways to make gardening fun and also fit into the city.” (From, “The Farmer’s Almanac“)

This is a wonderful time to add quality to your life by raising some or all of your own food. The price of eggs has leaped too. Patti has ideas. With her techniques, you don’t need a lot of land. Visit her site at: Patti..

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2 comments on “Urban Gardening

  1. Wil says:

    It will become obvious to more and more people that growing some of your own food is a necessity. Lettuce for $15.00 at your local supermarket is not that far off. Oh, and stockpile non-hybrid seeds (very hard to find).

  2. hungrybritain says:

    With the current uncertainties with food prices there is a greater need for us to conserve and be increasingly economical about food consumption at home. We have become wasteful as consumers of food and have never really had a need to feel otherwise before this crisis started. Blaming the rampant consumerism of the supermarkets has now irrelevant in this discussion. The situation now is that if we don’t change our food habits this situation could easily escalate completely out of control. The responsibility is now on us all to change our food buying and food consuming habits.

    Simple food saving tips are things we need to get used to and practice more regularly. Most of these are common sense and can be quite creative. You can find a list of free food saving tips at sites such as http://www.foodcrisis.co.uk amongst other similar sites as well.

    We all need to contribute to a fairer and more food wise program for ourselves.

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