Food, Inc.

I strongly encourage each and everyone of you to view, Food, Inc.

I put a copy on hold at the local public library. This video isn’t “Republican” nor “Democrat”. (As if those labels actually meant something anymore…) Everyone has to eat, and food has changed more in the last 50 years than it has in the last 10,000.  (View the trailer link.)

The documentary provides real information about the world we really live in, rather than the one we’re told we still live in. In short, we no longer live in a democracy. (No news to most of you I guess…)

We live in a Corporate “New World Oder” administered by Masons and other “Secrete Societies” and owned by the “people” like the De Beers, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers. (Nasty bunch with an insatiable appetite for evil and greed.)

So, view the film and make your decisions about how you’re going to live the rest of your life. Exercising denial or sticking one’s head in the sand is no longer an option. For instance, 1  out of 3 children born after the year 2000 will develop early onset Type-2 Diabetes. 2 out of 3 of those kids will be children of color. Before they started messing with the food supply, only adults got Type-2 Diabetes.  Educate yourself. Think: “Corn syrup” and then question why so many people are so fat theses days.  Short version: They’re killing us.

Long Version?

  1. Plant an organic garden
  2. Exercise (your demons too ..)
  3. Bring your talents to the world
  4. Follow any spiritual path that brings you into cooperation with others

For more info, have a quick glance at, “Slow Food Columbus”


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