100% Responsible

“What is it in me that put me in this situation to experience this?”

This psychologist calls upon old spiritual concepts to change the data and memories (like Jesus who called upon us to “love our enemies”) in order to change our perceptions of the world and our experience of our self and others.

The Phantom Force of Nothing” is to physics what “Letting go” is to Buddhism. It’s an odd experience to people who are so firmly attached to their suffering that even when drowning, they can’t let go of the stones in their hands and swim free.  Addicts to continually make excuses why recovery programs don’t work … as well as alcoholics who will pound the table and yell out the hair brained reasons 12-Step programs “don’t work.” Angry women who beat all the courage out of their sons and then complain endlessly that there are no men left. Perception and stubbornness … equals … insanity. The cure?

If Hip Hop, Gansta Rap, and Thug Kulture has changed people … so completely … by appealing to the ego … convincing us to exchange “The Divine” for empty Materialism, then we’re eventually left with horrifyingly empty lives of lovelessness, hopelessness, and despair. At is face-to-face with that pit, we encounter addictions, acts of abomination, and demoralizations.

It’s amazing how simple the cure for all this. But first, at some point, we have to let go of the thinking that we’re in control. We have to decide to distance  ourselves from suffering and begin to re-learn trust … trust that we’ll be led to other people who are also working on building inner trust. We have to admit that we don’t know everything. The one word that will help you most? Forgiveness.

Wanna get free? Start here, because where you’re going, you simply can’t carry all that old crappy baggage with you. When all our old pain shows up … remember this. When the trauma you’re punishing yourself for going through … remember … this.


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