Organic Food Criminals?

Corporate Rule

No one believed and few heard when a few people began warning us about the dangers of what our “Law Makers” were doing in Congress and the House to … food. Pure food.

But they’ve done it. They’ve officially made growing an ORGANIC garden in YOUR own backyard and selling it either at a Farmer’s Market or to your neighbors … a crime. People have been saving seeds and growing food on the land they own as far back as … well, as far back as land ownership was a concept. Now, thanks due to Corporate Big Agriculture, they’ve made it a crime to grow healthy food and sell it.

Remember, agriculture is the beginning of manufacturing. These greedy bastards have billions of dollars parked off-shore and even companies like Apple state that they, “might have to” invest in countries like China rather than bring those dollars back home. Why? These greedy bastards don’t want to pay taxes … like you and I do … but they want to use the tax money that we pay for their own advantage …. and we’re letting them get away with it.

S510 – Illegal To Grow, Share, Trade, Sell Homegrown Food

SB S510 now Allows Government
To Put You In Jail ….

I STRONGLY encourage you to read, “Hissing in the Grass,” by Steve Green