Lots of Opportunity

“Every problem is an opportunity in work clothes.” ~ Henry J. Kaiser.

Yes, I keep repeating it. BE 5
Facebook is a storehouse of complaints. We become addicted to our complaints and dramas. Me too. Instead of keeping up with my blogging, I’ve been looking at the pretty pictures… “Memes”… on Facebook. Ray Bradbury wrote that every fascist society is an image based society.

I’m enjoying the comments here more.
It sounds like people are so fed up that they’re looking, seeking, and actually changing their lives.

Moving, “back south” has been a HUGE change for me. ((chuckle)) It’s pushed on every button I have and it’s forcing me to become more of my true self instead of the the various surface personaes I exhibit in urban life.

In real cities, there’s a natural autonomy. People move in and out constantly. We are able to change our look like we change as our mood changes. We can lead double and triple lives. Not so easy here. ((LOL))

Here? People are NOSY. Complete strangers want to know your business … before they even tell you their first name. If they don’t know your business, they are very happy to make some up for you… AND they’ll next tell YOU who and what you are, based upon the movie going on inside THEIR heads… and get mad at you when you don’t play the role they’ve given you correctly.

I naively thought that people in the country were more… mentally balanced than those in the city.
I don’t know what is going on, but people are bat-shyt crazy everywhere you go… but not EVERYBODY. There are a lot of forward thinkers here… you just have to look harder to connect with them. This is a cliquish culture and North Carolina is different than other Southern states… not a lot different, but each has its own spin on culture.

Eddie Cotton, 82, Hermanville, MS, clears a field for a fall crop of hay, using a 40-yr-old tractor. He is among thousands of black farmers denied federal loans in past years. "They took away my ability to provide for my family," he says of the discrimination. ©Robin Nelson/ZUMA

Eddie Cotton, 82, Hermanville, MS, clears a field for a fall crop of hay, using a 40-yr-old tractor. He is among thousands of black farmers denied federal loans in past years. Real farmers looking for opportunities to market their crops.

The main thing is … life is short, right?
So who am I really and how do I want to live it?
This experience is really teaching me that I AM a “city boy.” I yearn to walk to coffee shops and chat with people about issues. The concept of gossiping bores me. (These are professional gossipers.)

Black people have tons of land down here. But most aren’t doing anything  with it. “The living is easy.” So what are the hurdles that prevent them from growing tons of produce on their land?

  •   It’s HOT. And if the living is easy.. and they can get a job at the bank or teaching, or even working at a big box store, why sweat and toil in all this heat?? (There’s more flying insects than I know names for.)
  • Markets. It’s one thing to grow a crop…. but it’s a whole ‘nuther thing to sell it… and sell it for a good price. Even white farmers deeply enmeshed in the politics of farming have to throw away 45% to 50% of their harvest due to it not “looking right” for modern grocery store chains. (Hey… that discarded food! That is another opportunity too!!)
  • Complaints about no fresh food in black urban neighborhoods.
    HELLO! So if there were more small black owned markets… grocery stores… in Northern, Western, and Midwestern areas, these farmers would have more opportunity to sell.

Don’t get me wrong… there are black men and women farmers who know how to raise a prime crop on 100 acres or more. They know how … and are fully capable. They pride themselves in it. But besides money… what else is there that would attract younger blacks (and others) to raise food and sell it? Well… what motivates us… human beings… to put BF 3our energy into anything?

  1. Young rappers were sold the vision of self-destruction not just with Corporate money…. but with prestige.. EGO… award shows, people clapping for them, adulation.
  2. Vision. They needed to be given a vision that their fantasy would enrich their lives. Most of it was fantasy and a falsehood… but the Social Engineers televised a vision to them where they previously had none. So, is QUALITY OF LIFE, a good and wholesome income, health, and community more attractive than dying young from “lead poisoning,” dysfunction, mental illness, and constant despair?
  3. Fear. Of the two greatest motivators known to mankind… love and fear… FEAR is unfortunately the greatest. “WBF 4hat will you do without THIS???” Or … “This is your only way out!!!” Personally, I think we need to heal from the trauma of fear and terror rather than pumping more… but it’s good to know. Click here to see how John B. Watson changed America and much of the world with it.

There are few to NO places left to run.
Yes, blacks returning South will eventually change this region. But right now…. craZy is everywhere. Again… Americans take 80% of the worlds, psych meds, illegal drugs, and pain killers … and we’re only 14% of the population and there’s more whites on welfare than blacks… and people with the most disposable income use most of the drugs so don’t blame it all on us.

But “crazy” is throughout the continent of Africa, it’s crazy in Asia, Europe, and South America. The WORLD is currently in a “mini-dark ages” because we have sociopaths running it. They tutor each each other in, “Divide and Conquer.” Freud proved that repression doesn’t work… so part of the current insanity is that the consciousness is evolving while people are trying desperately to adhere to false versions of 2nd Century dogma. (But that’s a whole ‘nuther can of, FEAR.)

So the opportunities rest not in fighting the existing models … wrestling with trying to turn windBF 1mills into cantaloupes … no… but in CREATING the “paradise” … the realities …you most desire. People are YEARNING to look over the fence and see a bunch of folks having a good time without pistols and negativity.

From that point on… the trick would be not to fall into the trap of EGO… but rather to link with other like-minds regardless of skin color.

American has a contract with us.
Contracts can always be re-written or broken.

Change Reality


12 comments on “Lots of Opportunity

  1. afroecology says:

    Excellent insights, brother.

    I want to be anchored in a rural setting, woodlands or farm. I’d love to do it in the south but it really don’t matter where. I would even be okay doing it in the north or leaving the country all together as long as the lifestyle I want is there. Ideally I’d work a farm part time but don’t necessarily want to be completely locked down with it. I like living and recreating in the earth in a variety of ways but I want access to an airport too cause on occassion I might want I weekend or a week of creative stimulation or just to rest in the the bossom of a different kind of Blackness for a minute before getting back to the land that I appreciate so much.

    Aside for those of us walking around in a state of post stres disorder, there are enough of us, with so much creativity and energy to contribute to a community but most are so exhausted by the rat race they can’t even think about how we really would like to live. We have no one to turn to for guidance on such things unfortunately.

    Once going through some hard times left me with the realization that I can live without fear of lack and I was free to create the world I want to live in, that’s what I’ve been focused on since, probably just like many of you.

    You’re so right about the small town gossip circuit. In the ideal I’d love to select my neighbors which is why I like the idea of a farm or woodlands cohousing community where some number of select community members can become part of a community with a particular vision.

    Aside from growing food, I would love to try to make it a healing and creative place to and provide some relief from the mental illness, anguish and stress too many of us hardly even recognize we suffer from. My wife and I do and promote some of this kind of work. We see too few of our people involved though and we desparately need it.

    • MycDazzle says:

      You sound like my kind of guy, my man. I’d love to touch base and see where your heads at. I could’ve easily wrote your response to this piece.

    • journeyman says:

      I’m beginning to post reflections about the beauty and complexities of moving here. Some will find it, “easy living,” while to others, it will bring up turmoil …. not because of racism … but because depending on WHERE you move to, you may find yourself in the situation of being an urban, non-traditional person who is now smack dab in a VERY traditional society.

  2. journeyman says:

    MycDazzle, you wrote: “… I’d love to select my neighbors which is why I like a farm or woodlands cohousing community where some number of select community members can become part of a community with a particular vision.”

    You’re on it.
    If you can find it… or help create it… then THAT’S the ticket. There’s tons of inexpensive land in the South… but these narrow-minded people have lived with each other for centuries. Black, white, Native American and now Hispanic … they are conditioned to fear change… and just the sight of you equates change for them. The most ignorant will be jealously threatened by you. It’s just like a new inmate walking into prison for the first time.

    The Stockholm syndrome is real here.
    It operates like Internalized Racism. Whites and blacks who grow up with each other being all lovey -dovey… as long as the black person doesn’t push the boundaries of White Supremacy. Over time, the prison guards have become to like the prisoners, and the convicts have begun to like and emulate the guards… but they’re both still in prison.

    Bring your own.
    As you know, the South is beautiful. Just don’t let them think they can bully you … or that you need to depend on them.

  3. Rochelle says:

    This is a great reality check. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Keva says:

    There are so many of us that feel this way. Let’s make it happen. I’m not Internet or technology savvy. And I stay away from all social media. But would love to have a group of like minded people to discuss and plan. This needs to be a reality.

  5. Hish says:

    Hi everyone, it’s very refreshing to find people like you who can see beyond the mountains of drama. I find it fascinating that people spend time and energy to grow grass in their yards and eat canned vegetables. 8 years ago I walked into an adult learning centre in US to learn my ABC coming from Africa, today I am a senior EE but I realized that i don’t want sell to 1/3 of my life for a pay check so I can buy things I don’t need. I love farming and I believe technology can optimize it. As for getting land and the Farming culture and politics I look to You for my ABC.

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