Moving South is Moving BACKWARDS

“Traditional” … fundamentalist culture is not for everyone.
In some ways, my three years in North Carolina made me a better man … if for no other reasons than it taught me where my psychological and emotional weaknesses are, and it showed me clearly, the ignorant, low stupidity that most of American culture is currently trapped in.

Carl Jung defined the Primitive Mind as “Conservative.”
Both the Conservative and the primitive abhor novelty. They fear it. They war against, “The New” and the different. This is why Southerners so love, “Old Time Religion” … Fundamentalism. It’s why they get so angry whenever the thought arises that the Bible was never intended to be read literally … but instead, allegorically … just like its instructions dictate.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.04.52 PMThe first paragraph of Chuck Thompson humorous book,“Better Off Without ‘Em” begins:

“Hang out in my living room on any national election night and at some point in the evening, usually around 7 p.m. Pacific time, you’re almost certain to hear me scream something like: “Why in the hell does the United States–and by extension the entire free world, capitalist dominion, and all of Christendom–allow its government to be held hostage by a coalition of bought-and-paid-for political swamp scum from the most uneducated, morbidly obese, racist, morally indigent, xenophobic, socially stunted, and generally ass-backwards part of the country?” ~Chuck Thompson

The minds of black Southerners are just as primitive–if not more–than white Southerners. They fear change. It doesn’t matter if they’re poor or in mental slavery… change is the “unknown” and both will fight you to the death rather than face change. (Nowhere is is so evident that there were more than just a “handful” of “coloreds” who fought FOR the Confederacy during the Civil War.)

Both exhibit great concentrated effort on things of interest to them, but can’t think logically or reason abstractly. They have the ABILITY to be as logical as the rest of modern and post- modern cultures, but they just have different assumptions due to the inability to exert mind over the temptations of the senses. (One of the reasons EVERYTHING to them is about SEX and POWER.)

Southern, “Traditional” culture is about farming… being close to the land.. as is primitive Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.17.39 AMand Agricultural Age society. These cultures are almost unable to separate the inner from the outer. (Aboriginals unconsciously identify and connect with everything.)

One experiences feelings of insanity when trying to discuss complex 21st issues with Conservatives (primitives) for these reasons. They look like everyone else, but their consciousness and their superstitious beliefs are stuck in the 2nd Century. Their unconsciousness and submersion in nature results in they’re living close to the instinctual realm. North Carolinians pride themselves on being, “Instinctual” … as if their Root Women predecessors are still experiencing the chariot driving them … instead of modern man’s conscious mind directing the chariot.) This creates an “unquestionability” about what their mind concludes because instincts are pre-determined modes of behaviors. (i.e. the often heard remark, “God never changes.”)

Consciousness and society rises as we move out of this ream through “reflection, doubts, and experimentations. (CW 8 ¶ 750, Jung and Ecopsychology: The Dairy Farmer’s Guide to the Universe ...)  “Our ability to develop abstract systems, especially systems without a nature base like (modern) Western philosophy after the pre-Socrates (Kemet/Kush a.k.a “Ancient Egypt”) of the primitive living in and through nature.”

So if you move from Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles, or New York TO a small or rural town or city in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, or Alabama, you’re not just moving to a slower cultural pace… you’re moving CENTURIES back in time.

Yes my friends… there’s a reason why our parents move OUT of the South.
It’s far worse than you can ever imagine. Pretty to look at– but pretty hopeless to integrate into–unless you’re of, “like mind.” Even then, these primitives are exceedingly tribal and hold a fearocious mistrust for anyone they didn’t grow up with.

Do yourself a favor… visit the South and enjoy it’s music, landscape, and colorful whoopin’ and hollarin’ churches… but DO NOT move back to the 2nd Century.

2 comments on “Moving South is Moving BACKWARDS

  1. AfroEcology says:

    Well Brother got a point of view, that’s for sure. And yes, his concern about regional time travel and dogma are most serious; but there’s still that longing to create a home for nurturing self in nature. Short of farming how does that happen. It ain’t happrning in the big cities. Small rural towns with populations of a few hundred to a couple of thousand, offer an option especially if a handful of reasonably like minded folks decide to move in. Before you know it, you or one of the new crew in town might be invited to run for mayor. It helps if you can find a town near a national park or a small college or university; that way you can get the rural small town living, with or without the farming and maybe have the benefit of having new people moving through the area visiting the park or college. In top of that you might only be an hour or two from a reasonably large city. If anyone out there wants to coordinate an assessment of communities like this that we might consider moving to, let me hear from you.

  2. journeyman says:

    And you make some valid points too.
    There IS a “longing to create a home for nurturing self in nature.”
    But there’s also a LOT of people who move South …. and move back. I STRONGLY SUGGEST that you purchase a copy of, “Better Off Without ‘Em” before you move. You may still move … but you’ll be much better prepared for what you’ll encounter when you get there.

    1.) You move with family…. even better yet, you move with a group.
    See, regardless… you’ll still be looked upon as an, “Invader” by small-minded people (white, black, brown, red… if they grew up thar… they’re “contaminated”) so you need some people who are of like-mind to co-exist with.

    2.) And I sincerely hope that you’re a Fundamental evangelical “KKKristian” who is comfortable with the type of religioniosity that keeps us emotionally and psychologically trapped. (And that you don’t question any of it.)

    3.) Or, that you’re aware that to be successful, every cultural change needs to have an economy attached to it… therefore … you have some hustle in you and you’re prepared to live in a basically Feudal society …. and kiss some serious butt until you can get in with the power-holders so that you can do some business.

    4.) The South works for some people who move down thar from “up north” (a phrase they use to describe any and everyone who isn’t from the South… regardless if you’re from New Brunswick, New Mexico or Hawaii.

    5.) If you don’t have any plans that fit the above models, then simply be prepared for the long haul. Be prepared to be thrown under the bus… be “un-flappable” in all your emotions (as in numb), and be prepared for a lot of jealousy.

    I truly wish today’s black people were more ACTORS instead of RE-ACTORS.
    We can easily engineer lives of productivity, commerce, and peace … but I think a lot of us just don’t want to get off Twitter or heaven forbid.. turn the television off long enough to detox from some of the brainwashing to do the inner work so that we can work together and not mimic a sick mainstream culture that DOES cooperate with each other.

    NOTE: I think you’re being very naive about… “running for mayor.”
    They are jealous of you off the top. (change your license plates as sooon as you can.) Don’t buy before you rent for at least a year, and realize that much of your problems will come from OTHER BLACK PEOPLE. (There are reasons why our parents and grandparents moved out of the South … and those “Willie Lynch” problems are still in place.)

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