Moving South is Moving BACKWARDS

“Traditional” … fundamentalist culture is not for everyone.
In some ways, my three years in North Carolina made me a better man … if for no other reasons than it taught me where my psychological and emotional weaknesses are, and it showed me clearly, the ignorant, low stupidity that most of American culture is currently trapped in.

Carl Jung defined the Primitive Mind as “Conservative.”
Both the Conservative and the primitive abhor novelty. They fear it. They war against, “The New” and the different. This is why Southerners so love, “Old Time Religion” … Fundamentalism. It’s why they get so angry whenever the thought arises that the Bible was never intended to be read literally … but instead, allegorically … just like its instructions dictate.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 3.04.52 PMThe first paragraph of Chuck Thompson humorous book,“Better Off Without ‘Em” begins:

“Hang out in my living room on any national election night and at some point in the evening, usually around 7 p.m. Pacific time, you’re almost certain to hear me scream something like: “Why in the hell does the United States–and by extension the entire free world, capitalist dominion, and all of Christendom–allow its government to be held hostage by a coalition of bought-and-paid-for political swamp scum from the most uneducated, morbidly obese, racist, morally indigent, xenophobic, socially stunted, and generally ass-backwards part of the country?” ~Chuck Thompson

The minds of black Southerners are just as primitive–if not more–than white Southerners. They fear change. It doesn’t matter if they’re poor or in mental slavery… change is the “unknown” and both will fight you to the death rather than face change. (Nowhere is is so evident that there were more than just a “handful” of “coloreds” who fought FOR the Confederacy during the Civil War.)

Both exhibit great concentrated effort on things of interest to them, but can’t think logically or reason abstractly. They have the ABILITY to be as logical as the rest of modern and post- modern cultures, but they just have different assumptions due to the inability to exert mind over the temptations of the senses. (One of the reasons EVERYTHING to them is about SEX and POWER.)

Southern, “Traditional” culture is about farming… being close to the land.. as is primitive Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 12.17.39 AMand Agricultural Age society. These cultures are almost unable to separate the inner from the outer. (Aboriginals unconsciously identify and connect with everything.)

One experiences feelings of insanity when trying to discuss complex 21st issues with Conservatives (primitives) for these reasons. They look like everyone else, but their consciousness and their superstitious beliefs are stuck in the 2nd Century. Their unconsciousness and submersion in nature results in they’re living close to the instinctual realm. North Carolinians pride themselves on being, “Instinctual” … as if their Root Women predecessors are still experiencing the chariot driving them … instead of modern man’s conscious mind directing the chariot.) This creates an “unquestionability” about what their mind concludes because instincts are pre-determined modes of behaviors. (i.e. the often heard remark, “God never changes.”)

Consciousness and society rises as we move out of this ream through “reflection, doubts, and experimentations. (CW 8 ¶ 750, Jung and Ecopsychology: The Dairy Farmer’s Guide to the Universe ...)  “Our ability to develop abstract systems, especially systems without a nature base like (modern) Western philosophy after the pre-Socrates (Kemet/Kush a.k.a “Ancient Egypt”) of the primitive living in and through nature.”

So if you move from Seattle, Washington, Los Angeles, or New York TO a small or rural town or city in Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, or Alabama, you’re not just moving to a slower cultural pace… you’re moving CENTURIES back in time.

Yes my friends… there’s a reason why our parents move OUT of the South.
It’s far worse than you can ever imagine. Pretty to look at– but pretty hopeless to integrate into–unless you’re of, “like mind.” Even then, these primitives are exceedingly tribal and hold a fearocious mistrust for anyone they didn’t grow up with.

Do yourself a favor… visit the South and enjoy it’s music, landscape, and colorful whoopin’ and hollarin’ churches… but DO NOT move back to the 2nd Century.

The Necessary Courage to Create Yourself

“No Child Left Behind” left out art.
Art evolves consciousness.
What is the nature of art… or anti-art… that you have access to…
….that has access to you?

“Art is an echo of the creative force that birth the galaxies.”
what if you have no art?
what if your art was only darkness or violence?

Screen Shot 2013-07-29 at 1.02.04 AM

To view, click this link–>

Thriving in the PRESENT Transformational Era

Transform LifeWe entered the present “Transformational Era” five years ago. Massive changeGeneration Flux. So in this vast interconnected global time, with over a billion Smart Phones, our body-minds are having difficulty keeping up with all the information and change. Robb Smith discusses the very near future complexities … who will win and who will fail.

1. We WILL be a single society of 7 Billion people
2. Three in Four adults currently feel overwhelmed with increasing demands
3. One in TWO adults will have a chronic disease within 7 years
4. With overload, simplicity will be a necessity to survive
5. Learn from the different perspectives instead of getting insulted”
6. There will need to be a shift from, “scared to sacred”
7. Exceptionalism is NOT the new average… you must be your unique self
8. CEOs have the lowest emotional literacy… this will be a “FAIL” by 2020
9. Those without empathy will experience increased mental, physical, and economic problems…

So what does ‘Transformational’ mean? It means to change the shape of. What’s changing? EVERYTHING.” ~Robb Smith

Click on the link below and view the short but powerful TedTalk by social entrepreneur and Chrysallis co-founder, Robb Smith

Raw Sangha

Echo Roberson of "Raw Sangha"

Totally pumped about this new organization I found last week. Echo Roberson is either the spokesman for the group or “Raw Sangha” is his website for all these products, recipes and ideas.

He takes all the food, spiritual and organic farming ideas that have been pushing their way West these past 20 to 60 years and presents them in fun, informative, short videos. There’s even a link to Bhakti Fest!

I was drawn in through his presentation about I don’t know about you, but I’m totally bored with Safeway and the prospects of all the  food-based illnesses that will come out of eating all that processed, GMO crap  sold there.

Visit Raw Sangha and give them a look for yourself!

Alternative Building: Papercrete

Okay, so you’ve got your eye on a piece of property that has a 3 bdrm/1.5 bath house on it, 17 acres of land, a barn, an all season creek (fresh water is going to be increasingly more important), and is divided between 5 acres of cleared pasture/farmland and the rest in timber that you can mill or sell.

We’ve already learned that one of the best small farm practices is to start off using no more than one-to-three acres for crops and flowers. So what else can you do with all that land?

When you have land, you have SooOOooo many options. Every structure you add to your land increases its value. Building Green and “Alternative” allows you to creative wonderful, mortgage-free buildings at pennies to what traditional buildings cost. The building can be wood burning Sauna cordwood building or a Strawbale “Adobe” home that keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer while decreasing your dependence on both energy and energy companies.

The latest … and the building style that has recently caught my eye is Papercrete …. a substance that creates lightweight “concrete-ish” mix or “adobe-ish” blocks to build with.

Like cordwood homes, you don’t have to be a builder to build a house. There are books and videos at your local public library. You can begin your search by clicking on the links and by googling some keywords like: alternative building, papercrete, cordwood building, strawbale houses, and building with cob.

Green Movement Can Help Blacks

I rode the 38 Geary out to the San Francisco Ft. Miley Veteran’s Hospital this morning. A group of pre-teens were headed to school. Several of the boys were black … the scene they put on wasn’t nothing nice.

 I always write that if it ain’t broke ~ don’t fix it. We all know this buggy ain’t just broke, the wheels done come off and the bottom done dropped out. Time to re-boot the system and get back to baseline. That’s why I always assert that getting out of Urban America and rejecting its values are key to our survival, our healing, and our future economic growth.

Land has always been the major path to wealth in this country. The fact that so few blacks currently own land is a corner stone to our problem. Forget racism. Forget what the white man done done or might do. Look at what we’re currently doing to ourselves….

  • Our rate of divorce far exceeds our rate of marriage.
  • The Civil Rights Movement was won on moral grounds … and that’s exactly where we’re losing it.
  • HIV/AIDS continues to be the Number One killer of black men 16 – 25 and the senior citizens are now following suit. That looks like deep despair around love to me. When so many are desperately jumping for lust instead having the faith and character to create love … well folks … don’t look good. You cannot point a finger in any direction of the African American Community and not see, hear, or feel pain … yet we want to keep doing the same things and believing in the same fantasies?

First black men were demoralized, then black youth. Next they got to women and now they’ve hit mothers. Ain’t nothing left. Grandmothers are struggling to raise their children’s children. We make up the vast majority of Foster Children numbers even in places where we are a fraction of the population. Are many of these systemic problems? Yes. But that has little or nothing to do with our responsibility to grow through them.

“Every problem is an opportunity in work clothes.” ~Henry J. Kaiser (I love that one…)

This is why the Green Movement holds out great promise to blacks. At present, whites and others have been holding down the fort at Ecology Centers all across America. Middle class despair and “Liberal” blindness abounds. But give them credit … they have and are doing their work and they are holding out the door for us. That means there is already tons of information available on Permaculture (a system of planting, housing, and living the incorporates everything in a  person’s environment.

The Green Movement touches every aspect of a person’s life and in the future, this will be of even greater importance. Global warming and the very, very real threat of a future WORLD economic “downturn” means that those who live on land with a watershed beneath it will feel no pain and in fact be in a great economic position.  [NOTE: It’s forecasted that the shortage of fresh water alone will cause a world crisis by as soon as 2015. Read Guardian Report ]

 Canadians fear Avian Flu could help ignite economic crisis. I don’t know about you, but when white people keep warning each other about something, after a while, it’s time to look up.

The list of reasons why it makes sense for us to move out of urban America, create some sweat equity, rebuild our family structure, and prepare of any one of the many future threats that loom is large.  Just the fact that it’s black men’s  responsibility to create families AND make them safe should ignite some desire to look into moving onto 5 or more acres in rural America. You don’t even have to farm it!

  1. You can lease some or all of it out to others who want to farm (and there will most certainly be many)
  2. You can put some cabins or trailers on it and become a “Home Developer.”
  3. You can adopt some of those many black children currently in Foster Care and orphanages and discover the spiritual truth that it really isn’t all about you … but more, it’s about what do you bring to the table!

Here … just glance at some of the post I quickly pulled up about a LIKELY, world economic disaster:

 Australia on: “The Future Collapse Of The World’s Economy”

Mainstream, respected European economist Stefan Karlsson on: The Future of The World Economy” (read the last two paragraphs)

 The World Conservative Union on Why It’s Not Business As Usual … or bust: (Meaning OPPORTUNITY FOR US!!

And last, here’s a “funny” one that raises your eyebrows:

Racism or Engineering Your Life?

Recently I’ve been receiving comments about racism. This blog really isn’t about racism. It’s about walking away from the addictive pull of contiual reaction to racism. I say “addiction” because anything that traumatizes the psyches of MOST human beings, the mind repeats looking for resolution.

I write at a black audience right now because:

  • I am black
  • Black people as a culture are on fire
  • White, Asian, and Mexican/Hispanic youth who feel disenfranchised look to what has become a bastardization of blackness to take their cues on “reacting” to feeling outside of mainstream or dis-empowered.

Are they making horrible choices? Yes! Do you have to? No.

Rather than continuing to be silly by looking at “Da White Man” and pointing fingers to justify our lives and our bad behavior, at the ripe old age of 53, I’ve concluded that it’s a FAR better choice to simply engineer a good life for myself. That means:

  1. It doesn’t matter how much anyone else has … the issue is–
  2. What do YOU bring to the table?
  3. Taking stock (and responsibility) for everything that has happened in my life. Discarding the crazy-making people I’ve allowed to enter it, and owning everything else. Only through such a process can I get on the other side of “being a victim” and move into being a mature “full grown man.”

I yearn for the day we stop reacting to “racism.” It’s become a such a cop-out. YES, racism is alive and well … but if I find myself in a field that I cannot win in … WHY keep failing around, crying about how unfair it all is, instead of picking up my ball and building a field wherein I can win? We don’t have to be against anybody. In fact, the object is to increasingly love as many people as you can… because when you can’t love yourself… that’s when you find yourself hating others (projecting your self hate outwards) and being jealous of what others have. Thank God no one is giving me nothing. I was born with a keen mind … keen enough to see opportunity instead of self destruction when it is ripe. Get some land my brothers and sisters. If you can’t afford to in the city, move out of it and build up your cheap little home, and with the equity you build, you can later buy a dream place anywhere on the planet.

Luke 6:42 “Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take out the speck that is in your eye,’ when you yourself do not see the log that is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out that is in your own eye, then you will see clearly to take out the speck that is in your brother’s eye.” (The Beatitudes)

(By that time… after removing drugs, alcohol, helplessness, criminality, and sex as a mood altering, demoralizing experience, whatever is in his eye probably won’t matter.)