Have we forgotten the economy …

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When I listen to various “experts” discuss Geo-political economical future health, much of our problems as Americans and the problems throughout the world still comes down to the sad issue of Europe/European-Americans still want it all.

Nationalism throughout Chinese Diaspora (Southeast Asia included) and Japan fit neatly into the problem. It really looks like much of the problem would be solved if the greedy people at the top changed their racist, classist core believes and tactics, and actually set more people free to generate more business and wealth.

This may not happen until the United States begins to feel the stress it has been sheltered from. At that point:

“If everything is bad… the least bad will start to look really attractive.”

This means ideal goals NOW should be:
1.)  For America to start truly giving good education to all of it’s citizens

2.)  The U.S. propaganda machine needs to begin pulling people together instead of apart

3.)  If money will go where toward resilience and away from emerging fragility, then it behooves us… the average Joe’s and Jane’s… to become more resilient by cutting overhead, bonding together in small groups (co-ops and intentional communities) that are designed to share wealth, create economic and mental stability.

4.) Perhaps more average and poor Americans need to begin thinking “globally” (in terms of who to do business with) and acting FAR MORE locally?

*To view Nouriel Roubini video, click here–>  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k0qNDOMeqFQ


Thriving in the PRESENT Transformational Era

Transform LifeWe entered the present “Transformational Era” five years ago. Massive changeGeneration Flux. So in this vast interconnected global time, with over a billion Smart Phones, our body-minds are having difficulty keeping up with all the information and change. Robb Smith discusses the very near future complexities … who will win and who will fail.

1. We WILL be a single society of 7 Billion people
2. Three in Four adults currently feel overwhelmed with increasing demands
3. One in TWO adults will have a chronic disease within 7 years
4. With overload, simplicity will be a necessity to survive
5. Learn from the different perspectives instead of getting insulted”
6. There will need to be a shift from, “scared to sacred”
7. Exceptionalism is NOT the new average… you must be your unique self
8. CEOs have the lowest emotional literacy… this will be a “FAIL” by 2020
9. Those without empathy will experience increased mental, physical, and economic problems…

So what does ‘Transformational’ mean? It means to change the shape of. What’s changing? EVERYTHING.” ~Robb Smith

Click on the link below and view the short but powerful TedTalk by social entrepreneur and Chrysallis co-founder, Robb Smith

Raw Sangha

Echo Roberson of "Raw Sangha"

Totally pumped about this new organization I found last week. Echo Roberson is either the spokesman for the group or “Raw Sangha” is his website for all these products, recipes and ideas.

He takes all the food, spiritual and organic farming ideas that have been pushing their way West these past 20 to 60 years and presents them in fun, informative, short videos. There’s even a link to Bhakti Fest!

I was drawn in through his presentation about BlackShilajit.com. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally bored with Safeway and the prospects of all the  food-based illnesses that will come out of eating all that processed, GMO crap  sold there.

Visit Raw Sangha and give them a look for yourself!

Failing Urban Cities Look To Urban Farming

I really hate to say, “I TOLD you so,” but Time just wrote a story about Detroit becoming the model for other failing American cities. From Cleveland, Ohio to Oakland, California, mayors and city councils facing bankruptcy are accepting sad truths: “We simply cannot afford to continue down this road.” Detroit mayor, Dave Bing made that said that last month at a podium in a downtown Detroit theatre.

One of the keys to success is to jump on an opportunity BEFORE everyone else seizes it. 
Everyone has to eat. Monsanto (the huge multinational herbicide company that gave us “Agent Orange” and “RoundUp”) are feeding us toxins through major shopping chains like Safeway, Kroger, and Wal-Mart. Perhaps a mixed-blessings because those major stores no longer exist major rust belt cities. Residents  depend on corner grocery stores and gas station convenience stores for their vegetables and proteins.

The Obama Administration and the Federal Government can’t solve the problems of all the troubled cities and the predominately black, Hispanic and poor whites who remain within those cities.

Two months ago, First Lady Michelle Obama launched the ambitious “Let’s Move” campaign, aiming to eliminate food deserts, especially in urban communities, in the next seven years. The administration has committed $400 million to “Let’s Move.” –Full Time story here.

Food, Education, and Land

Detroit may well turn out to be the city other Rust Belt and decaying cities copy. Remember, corporations and the mega-rich have all but closed shop on American manufacturing. Even though Mayor Bing and the feds are attempting to sell cheap land to large business that resettle in these areas once abandoned buildings and homes are torn down, the thinking is that it’s going to take investing in schools and promoting urban farming to again create stability.

All across the country, small urban farms and garden projects are being setup by people like Ph.D. graduates from UC Berkeley and UC Davis. “Follow the money” is the tried and true thinking. When the media announced there was a shortage of nurses, people began enrolling in nursing programs by the droves. That was 10 years ago. Nursing grads are currently finding it difficult to impossible to obtain work after graduation. So if you want a prosperous, decent life, STOP following that same old carrot. Try a different line to stand in … one with far fewer people ahead of you.

Those people obtaining urban farming and organic gardening certificates will be the winners. Wait, you don’t even need education to put a seed in the ground. But it’s one thing to grow food, and it’s another to sell it. Volunteering or becoming an AmeriCorps worker for one of the many current urban farming projects teaches everything anyone will need. Just Google, “Urban Farming” in your area and find what comes up. (There’s also a host of information on my blogs.) Here are just a couple of links:

City Slicker Farms, Oakland, CA

Full Circle Farms, Sunnyvale, CA

Green Fred Blog

Black Solutions Blog

African Farm Project Is World Model

“The best way to fight poverty is to turn the poor people into active producers. Communities can only be developed by involving all the members as productive and valuable contributors.” ~ Songhai Project

Much of Africa is difficult … no, hard to live in. You can literally be eaten by something. Wild animals, disease, or the greediness of the World Trade Organization that has systematically imposed crippling financial restrictions on Africa that has burdened it for decades.

But Fr Nzamujo Godfrey looked at starvation, the restlessness of youth, and poverty and came up with the Songhai Project. By teaching people to grow crops, raise farm animals, and create “Value Added” food-based products, Songhai is able to instil moral values that uplift both the individual and the wider culture as a whole.

The objectives of the Songhai Project is to develop technical skills, moral awareness, and empower people with entrepreneural techniques that lead to socially relevant, environmental consciousness and sustainability so that people can lift themselves out of poverty and become productive members of society.

Naturally, the State of any country doesn’t have to worry about farmers involving themselves in demoralizing crime nor involving themselves in activities that threaten civil society. People who are taught social consciousness along with integral facets that foster living balanced, happy, and productive lives with others are able to free themselves from hopelessness, addiction, and the mental illnesses that come out of self-hatred.

Please watch the video below and view the others posted on YouTube. You’ll quickly see why I–and others, view agriculture as a much needed “emerging field” for people who live in cities and country sides throughout the world.

A Black Agriculture Secretary??

1910 was the peak year of land ownership for African Americans. Collectively, blacks own over 15 million acres of land of which  US-POLITICS/OBAMA218,000 black farmers are full or part owners. A steady decline of landownership begins after 1910.

[Click here to read The Federation of Southern Cooperatives timeline]

The idea of undoing the many years of backroom deals that robbed blacks of their land is not simply a notion of justice. It’s a matter of wholeness. Not just for African Americans… but for whites … and … for all of us.

Each year, singers like Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp, and Kenny Chesney perform for white farmers (Farm Aid) who lost or are in danger of losing their land.  How much of that land was formerly held by black farmers is not the question. I mention them because during my trucking through the South I heard from blacks who used to pick cotton in some of those fields.

Apparently, in their opinion, when minimum wage came into law, many white farmers refused to pay blacks “that much money.” So they invested in huge combines, larger tractors and other farm equipment to replace the African Americans who historically worked the fields. Then when they discovered they were over invested couldn’t keep up the payments to the banks loans and subsequently… they either reached across the Mexican border and found even cheaper labor, or were too in dept, and lost the family farm. All those dollars spent on  mega-machinery in the effort to both make a profit and deny blacks from improving their economic lots appears to have created a karma that was inescapable. Then, like small-minded crooks, in efforts to make up for all the lost, each year more small black farmers were targeted for their lands, and huge, mega corporate farms were created … hurting the smaller white farmers even more.

[NOTE: Does volunteering their time and talents to raise money for Farm Aid make the afore mentioned recording artist racist? Not when the lineup also includes artists like Neil Young, and Dave Matthews, and Arlo Guthrie.]

The agenda to correct the wrongs done to black farmers is not a vendetta against white farmers … nor Hispanic nor Asian farmers. It’s more a matter of finally doing the right thing allowing the turning of the page so entire new chapters can be written.

The very idea that President-Elect Obama is considering a black man for the Secretary of Agriculture, is an awesome sign that America is emerging from the dark shadow of “Good ‘Ol Boy-ism” that has plagued its heart, stifled its creativity, and literally, driven the economy into the ground. (Any time the mega American automobile industry is on its back, gasping for what may be its last breath, YOU KNOW creativity and innovation left the room a very long time ago.)

John Boyd, isn’t just a black political token available to fill this very important position. Mr. Boyd has been an advocate for the fair treatment of black farmers for over three decades. He is credited with building up the National Black Farmers Association  (NBFA) to a membership of 94,000.

To read more on who he is and how he did all this, click here: (NBFA)

Is It Racism or Economics?

  Interesting program on KQED the other night about white privilege.  The commentator was white and he was addressing a white audience.

“We love to talk racism because it makes us look like better people.  But many people of color don’t care what we think of them — they care about our money.  We can talk about racism all day and it won’t change things because it’s the distribution of wealth that is at the heart of discrimination, inequity, and the dehumanization of other human beings.”

That little “our money” part was a bit irritating because another white guy, Karl Marx pointed out that wealth is built on the backs of the working class. Now I’m no communist… but I know we ain’t been getting no where near a fair deal on the compensation for out labor.  Other than that, it was a powerful statement. (See: website) The decision to migrate back to the land is threefold:

  1. Urban America and its values are killing us as a people
  2. “Main Steam” will never be a fair playing field. We need to “come ye apart” and create groups rooms for healing, Black Think Tanks, land based wealth, and envirnments suitable to weather any future economic storm.
  3. We need to calm down to the point where we’re creating our own communities, (again), our own new myths instead of buying into “myths” that the Korporate Kulture keeps giving us (e.g. “Thug Kulture”, membership in the new “Permanent Criminal Class“, and the idea that we just can’t do no betta.)

I’m not downing Christianity in any way, but the idea of throwing up our arms and just saying … “Oh dis heah is da last days and der jus ain’t nothin we can do about it cus Jesus is comin” is bunk.  Republicans and Owning Class America is playing us (and most others) left, right, and center while they fill their pockets with our tax dollars.

The time is ripe to move to the country, buy some of that very inexpensive land (preferably with fresh water on it), raise some chickens, grow vegetables that you’ll know are fresh and healthy, do more than just survive–flourish!