Money For Escaping

Increasing numbers of people are deciding to leave the rat race most of our cities have become, and move to a higher quality of life in rural America. But making a major decision is one thing — financing it is another.I found trucking. Land, housing and the ability to make money from a variety of income streams are best actualized when you own land. If you read through the archived post in this and , it is my hope that you will be inspired to use the internet to search for your First Dreams (be they lived out in urban or rural settings). Is life in the country a “magic” solution? No. There are just as much drug use and crime in urban America as it is in rural America … the only dynamics that are different is that when you have land:

  • You can grow your own organic vegetables

  • You can have the joy of raising your own chickens and other small or large animals

  • You can create a commune or Intentional Community based on issues that are dearest to your heart

  • You can make connections with other small farmers near you and eat wholesome food they grow should you decide not to plant your own

  • You can barter, trade, and greatly decrease the need for disposable income

  • You’ll learn what is really true and essential to your life

  • Your priorities become clearer

  • You can teach your children to work and build far better empowered lives for themselves than when they simply live in an apartment building in the inner city and hang out with “Spooky” on the corner.

And you have the opportunity to create a variety of income streams … selling your crops and fruit at farmer’s markets and roadside stands. Putting additional cottages or trailers on your land to rent out, and doing market research that allows you to produce crops most needed by people who live in the towns, cities, or attend universities near you.


6 comments on “Money For Escaping

  1. IE Brown says:

    Nice site eep me on your mailing list, I am contemplating doing exactly this!

  2. Damon Williams says:

    Hello-I am a part of the new Black Business Network ( and I want to know how many black farms are still in operation and how to get into touch with them. I live in Phoenix AZ and seek to be able to start the first black owned grocery. The empowerment experiment leads me to believe that the time is now, if the supply of food is still there.

  3. Kayla Yeager says:

    Are u on facebook. I like ur stuff

  4. Ronica Castleberry says:

    I enjoyed what I have read so far and would like to be kept up to date with events and projects that will help other African Americans also where I am living. I can use productive ideas.

  5. randall richard says:

    I’m a current Urban gardener scene I don’t have land to farm. I grow vegetables and herbs in pots, and going to start composting with the Bokashi method, I learned in my urban farming class at school. Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

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