Spiritual Aspects

“God uses the Devil all the time to work for good.” Amazing as it sounds, everything that we label as “bad” … ain’t necessarily so. If you don’t get caught up and let ole “Satan” make you react so much that you miss your blessing, we often experience that “one door closing is another door opening.

 That’s what’s happened to me. Two years ago, I started experiencing some of the worst “luck” in my life. It took me out of my old career (Counseling/Case Management / Substance Abuse … you know … the non-profit jobs that chew you up and spit you out with nothing?) and caused me to start dreaming into how I want to live the rest of my life.

 The dreaming caused me to begin to investigate my fantasies. Just as someone lusting after sex uses the internet to pull up porn … so it was with farming … or should I say, with the concept of living a higher quality of life in the country.

First was the shock over how cheap rural property is. Then came the realization that much of that land is cheap because there are fewer jobs out there. So having to make a living to:

  • Buy the land
  • Purchase equipment, livestock and other essentials

… I came up with truck driving. Then I floundered around and finally found a FREE truck driving school. In the process, I also found new churches, was forced to look at some of my self-defeating patterns, and begin again the process of working on being a part of …

This section will discuss the spiritual aspects of change … of deaths and rebirths in our life. And naturally … hope, faith and gratitude. Gratitude is essential because it allows grace to cover us and prevents evil from cutting us off from the blessings of God’s bounty. 


3 comments on “Spiritual Aspects

  1. And…pay as you go. Don’t be trapped into high financial leverage. It becomes a different kind of trap!



  2. Josie Gbadamosi says:

    I was looking for something else and found this web site, what a blessing. I am living the Spiritual Aspect of acquiring a farm and learning to farm. Knowing nothing about farming, in September of 2010 after reitring, I purchased 43 acres. The property was once a demonstration farm, so I’m calling the project a restorative project. At the time the property was established, (late 1970’s,) 2 acres of blueberries were planted along with several other fruit trees and berries. The property had not been managed for over 20 years. Without any equipment or farming experience, and along with friends, interested others, staff at Tuskegee University and govermental agencies, I have managed to get the farm up and running – had a great blueberry harvest last year and expect to have an even greater harvest this year. This has truly been a spiritural journey. I went out on faith and have not been disappointed.

    • journeyman says:

      Awesome! Love reading that. Stepping out on faith … what’s that saying? “Everything I want is on the other side of fear.”
      I hope you’ll keep sharing with us… post some photos!
      I and everyone else can benefit from your journey.
      Tuskegee! ((LOL)) What better help is there?

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